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About Fojtik Auction
& Equipment Co.

The Fojtik Auction & Equipment Company is owned and operated by Felix Fojtik in Skidmore, Texas

Felix is a longtime resident of the area. He started the auction business in Tractor1972 and has been specializing in construction and farm and ranch equipment for over 30 years.

Felix was one of the founders of the "Mathis Young Farmers Association" and has been active in community affairs in the area for many years.

Fojtik Auction & Equipment Co. handles the sale of equipment from many sources, including bankruptcies, surplus equipment disposal, drug seizures and repossessions. We work with banks and other lending institutions as well as directly with individuals and companies.

Of course, with the heavy equipment the is handled by Fojtik Auction & Equipment Co., there is usually an assortment of other small machines and equipment. This variety changes from auction to auction and interested persons and companies should contact us for details on the correct item availability.

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